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A photo tour of guinea pig cages in our home
Cavy Spirit
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An album of cages & locations in our home, not of piggies.

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Guinea Pig Education, Rescue, and Adoption
Since 1999 in San Mateo, California (the San Francisco Bay Area)
Cavy Spirit is a private home which takes in abandoned guinea pigs and places them, healthy and happy, in high quality, permanent homes. We focus on education and public awareness of the proper respect and care that these and all animals deserve. We are committed to breaking the chain of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. 

Cavy Spirit Piggies of the Wheek!               

Piggies for Adoption

Here are just a couple of cuties for adoption through Cavy Spirit! We have a number of great pairs of guinea pigs available right now. See the Adoptables page for more photos and more information about these pigs and more! See the Adopting page for our application.

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It doesn't get any better than that!

All you need to do is go shopping at our new online store at CafePress! Cavy Spirit receives a commission from every sale. Help support the websites and the rescue. We've got some great graphics you'll love:

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Help Cavy Spirit Continue                                   

Can't adopt, but want to help? You can donate to the Cavy Spirit Homeless Guinea Pigs Fund. PLEASE HELP US help the guinea pigs! There are three easy ways to contribute to the rescue. The easiest for us is if you send money via PayPal (please note, donations are not tax-deductable; we are a non-profit, but not a registered 501(c)3). You can also email us for our address to send a check via postal mail (one of our rescuer volunteers is replying with the address for us). You can also CALL Oxbow Hay Company or American Pet Diner and give them your credit card info over the phone and they will put your contribution as a credit on our account for pellets and hay. Click the graphic of your choice. (Note to AOL users, to send a check, just click this email link and ask for the address.)

     Email for address to send a check    Oxbow Hay Company - contact info  American Pet Diner - contact info

For more creative ideas on how to help out Cavy Spirit, please see our Helping Out page.
iGive logo - change online shopping for "good"
Also, please do your online shopping through iGive! It's working! By starting your online shopping experience of your favorite online stores at iGive, every so often we get a check for varying amounts. You shop on the same webpage you normally do and pay the same price and the stores contribute a small percentage to your designated organization. Lots of stores participate. This can help more than usual in the upcoming holiday shopping season. More details are available on the Helping Out page.


Please patronize pet stores that 
sell animals!

Turn up the volume on your computer.
Linked with permission itsmeowornever.org

In need of good adopters!
 Lots of piggies in need homes. Please support the pet stores that don't sell animals! 

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Don't Shop in PET STORES that SELL --ANY -- ANIMALS! See the Shopping page for local stores to support. Don't buy food or supplies from any of them. The only way to solve the homeless animal problem is with your money and education and caring. SAVE a LIFE and SHOP WISELY.

Cavy Spirit STORE!

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Check out the online store of Cavy Spirit merchandise. We receive a commission with every sale. Cavy Spirit is still very much in the red and needs your support.


Do You Dare . . .
To Meet
Your Meat?

“Once you see for yourself the routine cruelty involved in raising animals for food, you'll understand why millions of compassionate people have decided to leave meat off their plates for good.”
–Alec Baldwin

Go here to view the video, if you dare . .

Cavy Commercial

Have you seen the real running of the bulls? Very cute.

Go here to watch the various videos.


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