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Contacting and Visiting Cavy Spirit

Teresa in San Mateo, California at (650) 571-1722.


San Mateo is in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Please call or email for our address and to arrange a time for a visit.

We are usually available evenings and weekends. Visits are preferred on the weekends.

We welcome families or even school groups to come and visit. We provide as much information as you'd like (and have time for) on care. We can give hands on lessons on how to clip nails and sex guinea pigs. Our home is very clean (usually) and sets a good example on how to properly house and take care of guinea pigs. If you would like to stick around and learn about cage cleaning, well then, we'd be happy to oblige, as long as you are willing to help!

HINT:  Many people bring a bottle of wine as a gift when they visit a friend's house. Well, something that is most appreciated on a visit to Guinea Pig Central is a grocery bag full of veggies! Romaine, dandelion greens, spinach, chard, Italian parsley, carrots, apples, etc. We have to buy a refrigerator full of fresh food every other day for all these wheekers!


We usually always have extra materials on hand for making the custom cages shown on www.guineapigcages.com. We would be happy to make the base for you. We only ask to be reimbursed for the cost of supplies or materials and do not mark up any items. Typical cost of a nice, big custom made cage by Cavy Spirit is $40 for the base and the grids together. We prefer adopting families to have a 2 x 4 grid cage.


View from the desk, several smaller Cubes and Coroplast cages at Cavy SpiritOverflowing with cages! A view of some temporary cages at Cavy Spirit













Where is Cavy Spirit?

In San Mateo, we are near highway 92 and 101 in the Fiesta Gardens neighborhood. Please call for the address and directions.


 When can we visit? 
We are usually available on the weekends. Just call and arrange a day and time.

If you are calling on a weekend, you may be able to come over that day. If we are not at home, try the cell number on the message.




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