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"We're proud of our involvement with HLS and the work they do.  Without animal medical research, and the firms like HLS that conduct it, our society would be without many of the treatments that we take for granted today such as penicillin, the polio vaccine, and insulin for diabetes.  The future of the world's health depends on animal medical research." -Frank Thomas, Stephens Inc. 

Every week there is a week-long phone/e-mail blockade against one of HLS's investors. Some of these investors will be big companies and others will be private investors. We will target a new investor each week. We need EVERYONE to take a few minutes each day and let these investors know that by supporting HLS, they are supporting animal abuse and torture. Show them that WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Let's hit them where it hurts - their pockets! 

HILL THOMPSON MAGID & CO. Holding 7,298 shares Hill Thompson is one of the five remaining market makers for HLS. Hill Thompsn Magid & Co. 15 Exchange Place, Suite 800 Jersey City, NJ 07302 Toll free: 1-800-450-2566 Tele: 1-201-434-6900 Fax: 1-201-233-2200 Florida Branch 7900 Glades Rd. #640 Boca Raton, FL Tele: 1-561-477-2566 Fax: 1-561-477-3499

Hill Thompson does NOT have a web-site. They are owned by Tucker Anthony Sutro; www.tas.com  Tucker comments: https://www.tuckeranthonysutro.com/contact_us.asp  

Automailer: Check it out at https://www.animaldefenseleague.com/investor.shtml After writing your own letters and e-mails, use the automailer to send e-mails automatically to the investor of the week. The automailer uses various anonymizing techniques to make it difficult for the recipients to block the messages, or to find their origin!

Please take the time to put your feelings and outrage into your own words, someone has to read these letters and emails. It would be much more effective if they read a variety of letters, not just a form letter. 

I am writing to urge you to discontinue your investment with HuntingdonLife Sciences (HLS). Animals are sentient, living beings and should not be used for experimentation or anger relief for staff members. Since the publicity, I am certain you are now aware of the horrendous pain and suffering animals at Huntingdon endure. Tests which force the animals to consume toxic doses of various chemicals, inhale noxious fumes, and have caustic chemicals applied to their raw skin is horrendous. What is even more outlandish is documentation showing staff throwing beagle puppies against walls and punching them in the face. This is simply not good business. There are numerous companies discontinuing animal experimentation and instead, using computer simulations and the vast amount of previously accumulated data. You have the power and the ability to do something about the excruciating pain an annual 180,000 animals suffer. First, as an investor, you can demand they change their practices and you can demand the staff have psychological treatment. Second, you can cease your ownership of HLS stock and not invest in any other company practicing archaic and brutal animal research. I also encourage you to look beyond the bottom line when making future investments. Compassionate individuals, like yourself, with the gift of financial resources to invest can create long-term, far-reaching consequences toward a more benevolent world.




To subscribe to the CloseHLS Yahoo Group: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/CloseHLS  

You can help us to close Huntingdon Life Sciences permanently! Contact the following companies that invest in HLS and let them know you will not bank or invest in their company and that by supporting HLS, they are investing in animal torture: 

Stephens Inc. This investment firm is the number one investor  and financial savior of HLS. (www.stephenskills.com) Warren Stephens, President; 111 Center St. Little Rock, AR 72201-4402; Phone: 1-800-643-9691; Fax: (501) 377-2666. 

Bank of New York. This prominent northeast bank controls the American Depositary Receipts (ADR) program that enables American firms to invest in the British-based HLS. Without the Bank of New York, HLS would not be able to trade on the American stock market. (See www.bankofnykills.com). Thomas Renyi, President, Bank of New York, Inc., One Wall St. New York, NY 10286; Phone: 1-888-LINK-BNY; Fax: (212) 809-9528. 

Oracle Partners. This company holds 23 million shares in HLS. Larry N. Feinberg, President; 200 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich, CT 06830; Phone: (203) 862-7900; Fax: (203) 862-7996. And we must not forget those who are actually performing these horrific experiments on the animals at HLS. Huntingdon Life Sciences, Inc. PO Box 2360 Mettlers Road, East Millstone, NJ 08875-2360; Phone732-873-2550; Financial Office phone 201-525-1819 Fax 732-873-8513; Finacial office Fax 201-525-1331




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