Adoption Updates

This page will contain photos and stories of Cavy Spirit piggies that have gone on to their wonderful forever homes.

Piggies with new Forever Homes
Please visit the NEW Adopted Photo Album. We can add more photos more quickly and provide a shorter load time and more viewing options by using the photos albums.

In the album:

Darlin' (5/31/02)
Adopted by a special woman who also has Thelma, another special needs guinea pigs.

acorn1.jpg (24619 bytes)claire.jpg (35544 bytes) Acorn and Eddie have a nice new family! Acorn's photo story of rescue and recovery can be found on this photo album. We look forward to updates of Acorn's and Eddie's antics in the near future. eddie2.jpg (16979 bytes)

Thelma3.jpg (15921 bytes) Thelma went to a special home where her special needs are being met and she has a nice new pal.
Tango2.jpg (12756 bytes)Tasha1.jpg (17453 bytes) Tango and Tasha also went to a special home where their shyness is being worked with and they are most definitely coming around.
Schepp2.jpg (18530 bytes) Skunkie has a nice new girlfriend.
smoochers4.jpg (21429 bytes) Smoochers joined a wonderful cavy family.
whiskers1.jpg (19283 bytes)cookie3.jpg (18051 bytes) Whiskers and Cookie have gone to a great new home.
ginger2.jpg (18771 bytes)ginger1.jpg (21141 bytes)ginger3.jpg (20031 bytes) Ginger has gone to live with Kara and her crew. Ginger now has 3 older piggies to play with and she will undoubtedly be running major circles around them for quite a while! (4/12/02)
ginger4.jpg (19385 bytes)ginger5.jpg (19724 bytes)
einsteintogether1.jpg (68903 bytes)Einsteintogether2.JPG (178607 bytes)einstein1.JPG (194457 bytes) Einstein. He went to live with a new girlfriend, A. Pat. It took a bit of getting used to each other, but all seems to be going well now.
guinea pig adopted - Mocha1.jpg (25828 bytes)guinea pig adopted - Mocha2.jpg (25880 bytes) Mocha and Tilly went to a wonderful couple. Mocha was one of our favorites and he will surely be missed, but we know he and Tilly are in good hands.
guinea pig adopted - Tilly1.jpg (15310 bytes)Guinea pig - Tilly2.jpg (16770 bytes)



Guinea pig - munchkinandpiglet3.jpg (18734 bytes)Guinea pig - munchkinandpiglet2.jpg (21352 bytes) Piglet was from one of our foster homes. She wasn't here long enough for us to get 'before' photos. We had previously adopted out Munchkin as a friend for Punky (see below). Very unfortunately, Punky crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So, Piglet went to live as a pal for Munchkin. (2/17/02)Guinea pig - munchkinandpiglet1.jpg (20935 bytes) Update (2/28/02) Just a quick note to let you know that Piglet and Munchkin are doing fine, living together peacefully, sleeping side-by-side. Piglet is growing rapidly -- in 2 weeks, she's gone from 662 to 734 grams, a 10% increase. And the bump on her neck (probably from the mites) has completely vanished. She still darts away and hides when we approach the cage, but she's very calm when picked up and held. And yes, she's one very noisy pig -- she clucks when she walks, she chats when petted, and she screams whenever someone rustles a bag or opens the fridge. Munchkin remains her calm, happy, usual self. She doesn't even bat an eyelash when Piglet runs over her in her mad scramble to find a place to hide. (3/1/02) In fact, last night was the first night Piglet was relaxed enough to cut loose on the carpet: she raced, jumped, climbed, rolled on her side, and chased Munchkin in circles non-stop for half an hour. Munchkin responded in kind, galloping and jumping like a little kid. We watched and laughed, which only made the two of them run and jump more. After half an hour, both girls flattened out exhausted in the middle of the floor, too tired to budge. Jim had never seen guinea pigs in such joyful play together before. Ginger was old when he met her, Punky disabled and feeble, and Munchkin by herself is a wise, deliberate little pig.
guinea pig - Romeo1.jpg (17518 bytes)guinea pig - Romeo2.jpg (13656 bytes) Romeo and Juliet went to a very nice family. We hope for some updated photos soon. (2/16/02)

guinea pig - Juliette1.jpg (14852 bytes)
guinea pig - Juliette2.jpg (13867 bytes)
Sheila1.jpg (19736 bytes)Sheila2.jpg (15768 bytes) Sheila and Checkers were adopted out to a nice new home. (1/12/02)

Checkers2.jpg (15572 bytes)Checkers1.jpg (17051 bytes)

Louise2.jpg (17439 bytes)Louise1.jpg (16007 bytes) Louise was adopted out as a pal for a nice male.

Beauty1.jpg (9726 bytes)Beauty2.jpg (11470 bytes) Beauty. Beauty and Jeeves have a wonderful new home. We hope for updated photos. (1/6/02)
Jeeves3.jpg (16145 bytes)Jeeves1.jpg (15593 bytes) Jeeves. Neutered American Male. Isn't he a beauty? Quite the talker, too. Jeeves is a sweetie pie and loves to play with Beauty. Quite the character, curious but well-behaved.
Palomino. Young female American, tricolor (no photo). She was born in August and just a sweetie. She went to a very nice home to live a beautiful female piggie who is 7 years old. (1/4/02)

AndiPandi3.jpg (15185 bytes)AndiPandi5.jpg (16120 bytes) Andi Pandi. Intact Male, Teddy. He and Tink are going to live in a nice new home with another male at the end of the month. And they will have a huge new cage with an upper deck and lots of floor time, too! What lucky piggers! (1/3/02)

Tink1.jpg (19305 bytes)Tink2.jpg (19926 bytes) Tink. Intact Male, Peruvian (maybe some Abby). Tink and Andi Pandi get along great. Tink is a kick. He doesn't like being picked up, but settles down right away!
Mario3.jpg (17962 bytes)Mario2.jpg (14809 bytes)Mario1.jpg (16938 bytes) Mario and Betty Boop went to live in a home with two other piggies. But, they both have big new double-decker cages and get to visit 'across the way.' It's one big happy piggie family! (12/30/01)
bettyboop1.jpg (10950 bytes)bettyboop2.jpg (9824 bytes)bettyboop3.jpg (14104 bytes) Betty Boop. Female American. Little Miss Betty Boop was the loudest beggar in our rescue! She will now be alerting her new slaves to her demands! We're sure they will be accommodating. (12/30/01)
possum3.jpg (15142 bytes)possum2.jpg (14971 bytes)possum1.jpg (15243 bytes) Possum went to a fabulous new home to keep company with 'an older female!' Well, they are getting along just wonderfully and Possum is in great hands. (12/29/01)
Patches, a nice, tri-color American female went to live with a very cute neutered male in a great piggie home. We didn't have her long enough for a photo shoot, but will likely have updates in the not too distant future. (12/29/01)

sugar3.jpg (31819 bytes)Sugar5.jpg (8271 bytes) Sugar and Romper (below) have found a great new home! They will be delighting their new caretakers for years to come! (12/1/01)

Romper2.jpg (15743 bytes)Romper1.jpg (16071 bytes) Romper a true character! (12/1/01)
Daisy1.jpg (17989 bytes) Daisy and Darcy found their new forever home, too. A wonderful home with very animal savvy and caring people. (11/04/01)
Darcy2.jpg (21539 bytes)Darcy.jpg (23720 bytes) Darcy was reunited with Daisy and they were adopted out together. (11/04/01)
Babbs1.jpg (13043 bytes)Babbs2.jpg (16093 bytes) Babbs and Binky, are very sweet and cuddly girl went with Binky to an nice new forever home this weekend (now Marigold and Miami). (11/03/01) (11/23/01) Just wanted to let you know that they're doing great. Last week Miami took a treat out of my hand for the first time! And now he'll eat while I'm holding him too. Binky2.jpg (16891 bytes)Binky1.jpg (23274 bytes)He's still pretty shy compared to Marigold but I've noticed that he's starting to warm up to people. Sometimes he doesn't want to come out of his pigloo to eat so he'll push the pigloo around so the entrance is near the food and eat from inside. Marigold is a good role model; she tries to show him that it's okay to come out of the pigloo and be friendly. They're both very happy.
Corky2.jpg (18563 bytes)Corky1.jpg (13379 bytes) Sparky and Wilma (no photo) went to a wonderful new forever home. We hope for photo updates soon. They will be in a nice 2x4 grid cage, with an upper deck soon for more adventures! (10/30/01)   
Rocky2.jpg (13695 bytes)rockyandbops.jpg (16783 bytes) Rocky. After being with us for about 2 years, Rocky finally went to a nice new home with a new girlfriend, Bops, that he really seemed to hit it off with. (10/27/01) (12/7/01) Since he arrived in October, he and Boppy have been inseparable. They sleep together and keep each other company. Our Boppy now has a really good partner and she and Rocky take care of each other. You did an excellent job of pairing these two! They remind me of an old married couple. Both are doing very well in their new Coroplast cage. It's been a pleasure watching our piggies interact. They have a great home with lots of fresh food. I'm looking forward to next Spring when we can introduce Rocky to our Rabbit hutch outside which I have modified for them. There they will be able to enjoy the outdoors together. I can honestly say, after all these years that I have had piggies, I have never seen a happier pair.
Casper.jpg (11797 bytes)casperandpooch.jpg (18632 bytes) Casper and Collette have been adopted by a very nice young couple. (10/21/01)   

I just wanted to let you know that Casper and Collette are doing great in their new home. They actually seem to be adjusting much better than I anticipated. Collette discovered the wood lodge this morning and Collette.jpg (19136 bytes)Collette2.jpg (15182 bytes) Casper loves to cuddle on the stuffed dog. They are both eager veggie eaters although we have yet to see them drink from their water bottles. Casper enjoyed watching part of the football game with Brooke tonight. They are lots of fun to watch (and listen to) as they play together. I promise to send some photos soon. We expect updated photos soon. 
thegirls.jpg (18735 bytes) Piggy Sue, Lola, and Penny. These three girls went to a great new home. Jill is also a sometimes foster home for us, so we know these piggies will get the best care! (10/18/01)
Peanut2.jpg (16537 bytes)tillyandpeanut2.jpg (18682 bytes)tillyandpeanut1.jpg (20055 bytes) Peanut, a neutered male now has a new home with Tillie, a piggie that also was a Cavy Spirit resident. Happy slave! (Tilly on the left, peanut on the right, and Molly in the middle). (10/14/01)
Beauty1.jpg (9726 bytes)Beauty2.jpg (11470 bytes) Beauty. Female. She is one extremely lovely female with a satiny coat. She is very friendly, loves to be petted, will stretch right out (as you can see), and loves attention. Just a super lovable personality! She lives with Checkers. (10/6/01)
Checkers2.jpg (15572 bytes)Checkers1.jpg (17051 bytes) Checkers. Neutered Male, American, (short hair). Checkers lives with Beauty. They are a nice pair and both very sweet. (10/6/01)
BellasBabes2.jpg (18276 bytes)BellasBabes1.jpg (18291 bytes) Bella's Babies. The boys went to a new home--keeping Snaggletooth happy. We expect photos soon. It was a good match up. Snaggletooth and his new buddies have somewhat of a free range setup at their home. The boys will have lots of room to run around and play! (10/7/01) Bella's daughter went with her mother. (10/1/01)

From Lizz on the two boys with Snaggletooth (3 males living together): "Thought you'd like to know that everybody is happy so far. Snaggletooth has become somewhat protective of the brothers. He doesn't like to be separated from them and he always runs to their aid if they get separated. Pretty cute! They eat a lot!"
Bella.jpg (17301 bytes)Bella2.jpg (15192 bytes) Bella. Female Mother, American and her baby girl born on 8/30 were adopted out to a great family with two vets in the extended family! So, these piggies are going to get top notch care! And they certainly are sweeties.
bellascage.jpg (83903 bytes)(9/25/01)
Their new home!


bellacrystal.jpg (19886 bytes)(12/16/01) Crystal, Bella's daughter (right) is as big as her Mom now! Happy piggies.

Barney.jpg (25426 bytes)Muffin2.jpg (14973 bytes) Barney & Muffin went to piggie condo paradise. Their new digs will be featured shortly on Guinea Pig Cages. Oh yes, this is going to be one spoiled pair of cavies! (9/21/01) Update on (12/30/01) Barney barneymuffin.jpg (18200 bytes)and Muffin are doing just superbly. They are healthy and happy and have complete command of the best cavy slaves possible!
Queenie1.jpg (172952 bytes)Queenie2.jpg (172333 bytes)Angel1.JPG (181142 bytes) Angel & Queenie. Well, we finally split up the foursome. Angel and her daughter Queenie went to a great home with another male who was adopted from Cavy Spirit (they named him Einstein!) as a companion for a senior sow who has since passed over the rainbow bridge. So, now he has two new younger girlfriends. In fact, Queenie took quite a liking to him! (9/20/01)
Antonio1.jpg (18336 bytes)TiaMaria4.jpg (16709 bytes) Tia Maria & Antonio. Went to a wonderful new home to be spoiled by a young couple as their "kids." 
Munchkin1.jpg (19387 bytes)MandP2.jpg (18801 bytes)MandP4.jpg (21190 bytes) Munchkin. Female went to live with a wonderful 3-legged piggie named Punky. (9/15/01)

"Just a quick note to let you know all is well here -- the girls are doing very well -- and we've found the source of Munchkin's hair loss. Yup, Punky has been barbering her at night. I caught her at it a couple of days after they both had Ivermectin shots. Oh well... they needed the vet checkup anyway.

I read everything published on the web on barbering -- mostly speculation about the possible causes: boredom, lack of space, lack of roughage, and stress. Boredom and space aren't the problem -- they are out playing on a large blanket all day. And roughage is plentiful -- they demolish handfuls of hay, corn and the wrappings, carrots, etc. every day. So it looks like stress while Punky gets used to the arrangement.

They get along famously during the day -- walking side by side, eating competitively, and staying close. The problem seems to be that Munchkin wants to share the same plywood house at night (they have 2 houses) and she lays as close to Punky as she can possibly get (over, under, and side-by-side). It's actually funny to watch -- like watching a pair of rabbits collapse in a pile rather than a couple of guinea pigs. Needless to say, Punky protests loudly for a minute before she accepts the arrangement.

And after a while she munches on Munch's butt. So next week's project is to built a larger cage (a 50% increase) and try some cloth sleeper sacks to keep Munchkin cozy without Punky nearby.

I expect the barbering will diminish as Punky learns to accommodate. It's too much to have expected this to go 100% smoothly. FYI, we tried "Bitter Apple" to see if that would discourage Punky. Nope -- she likes the taste. Ha!

Also FYI, Punky continues to gain energy and weight... and become a very noisy pig (she used to be silent). Munchin is totally relaxed and very happy to be held -- and turning into a bold explorer on the carpet. After 2 weeks, she's begun to run and popcorn like a kid. She hasn't found her voice yet." (9/28/01)
Sophie2.jpg (15555 bytes)Sophie3.jpg (17663 bytes) Sophie. She went to a nice home with another smaller female who was missing a friend. (9/16/01)
success1.jpg (13714 bytes) Sweetster. Female (on the right) paired up with a lonely pet store piggie. 
angel.jpg (11641 bytes) Angel. Male, went with another male piggie. He was an older piggie, but a real gem of pigster. Update (12/13/01) Angel is doing well. He and Buzzy are getting along fine. I'm thinking of adding a second story onto their cage as a Christmas present. I think they would really like that. At least it would be something different.
chubba2.jpg (13293 bytes) Chubba. Male, we didn't want to let him go. He was very special. He went to a super special home. A new girlfriend and a free range home! 
ellie.jpg (18009 bytes) Taffy. Female, now one of Kara's special Girlie Bops. 
Handsome1.jpg (19809 bytes) Handsome. Male, nice new home and girlfriend.
halfback2.jpg (21184 bytes) Halfback. Male, also nice new home and girlfriend.
Betty.jpg (26798 bytes) Star Fire. Adopted 9/8/01. Went to a nice new home with a young new male pal. Start Fire was an intact male Teddy who came from the Peninsula Humane Society. Another piggie saved!




We will highlight some adoption stories here.




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