Thinking about getting a

Guinea Pig for a pet?

Before you head to your local pet store, did you know . . .
many shelters have guinea pigs in need of homes?
there are guinea pig rescues who can help you?
many people are trying to find new homes for their guinea pigs?
you can save a life by adopting rather than buying from a pet store?
shelter, rescue, and private guinea pigs are more likely to be healthy, socialized, and accurately sexed than pet store guinea pigs?

Trying to find a new home   
 for your
Guinea Pig?

Do you need help . . .
knowing where to post about your guinea pig online?
tapping into a large community of guinea pig people?
knowing what questions to ask prospective new caretakers?
knowing where to go to get advice about placing your guinea pig?

Please visit the website to find guinea pigs for adoption.
List your guinea pig looking for a new home. Find lots of great guinea pig info!

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