Local SourceCavySpirit Reimbursement ChecklistCostWith TaxRoundedQty�� Total
Cavy SpiritPiggie Adoption Contribution (requested per piggie)$25.00$25.00$25.00   
www.AmericanPetDiner.comBag Loose APD Hay (1-800-656-2691) Timothy 2nd Cut$15.00$15.00$15.00   
Laurelwood Pets,
San Mateo, CA
Oxbow Bag of Hay$7.99$8.65$9.00   
Pet ClubPigloo$4.99$5.40$5.50   
Sign StoresCage Plastic$30.00$32.48$32.50   
Pet ClubHay Manger$5.99$6.48$6.50   
any pet storeWater Bottle (16 oz) Oasis$5.99$6.48$6.50   
any pet storeWater Bottle (8 oz) Oasis or Lixit$4.49$4.86$5.00   
any pet storeWater Bottle (16 oz) Lixit$5.49$5.94$6.00   
any pet storeSmall Colored Bottle (8 oz)$4.79$5.19$5.50   
any pet storeBarley$2.39$2.59$3.00   
Laurelwood PetsSmall Wooden Hidey Box$16.89$18.28$18.50   
Laurelwood PetsLarge Wooden Hidey Box$22.99$24.88$25.00   
Cost CoCreative Cubes$18.49$20.00$20.00   
www.SevilleClassics.comExtra cube connectors or grids$0.50$0.50$0.50   
any pet storeNail Clippers$7.99$8.65$9.00   
Laurelwood Pets
Sam's Downtown Feed, SJ
Cell-Sorb - 40 lb Bag$19.99$21.64$22.00   
Laurelwood Pets
Sam's Downtown Feed, SJ
Cell-Sorb - 10 lb Bag    
Laurelwood Pets
Sam's Downtown Feed, SJ
Cell-Sorb - 5 lb Bag     
Laurelwood PetsPellets: Oxbow, 5 pounds    
Laurelwood PetsPellets: Oxbow, 10 pounds    
any pet storePellets: Misc    
any pet storeGuinea Pig Book    
any pet storeCarefresh$13.99$15.14$15.50   
Adobe Animal Hospital
Los Altos, CA
Vet visit - quick checkup (650-948-9661 Dr. Nakamura)$20.00$20.00$20.00   
any pet storeCavy Cozy ($14.99-$24.99) pet pad folded and pinned    
Pet ClubGuinea Pig Squeeker Toy$6.99$7.57$8.00   
Cavy SpiritCage Assembly Contribution (plastic) $20.00$20.00$20.00   
Cavy SpiritShopping Convenience Contribution (full cage setup)$20.00$20.00$20.00   
Adobe Animal HospitalVet Neuter Procedure for Rescue Male$75.00$75.00$75.00