Guinea Pig Adoption Contract

Cavy Spirit is a Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption home operated by

Teresa Murphy

1043 Annapolis Drive

San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 571-1722


Name           ________________________________      Telephone Home          _______________________

Address        ________________________________      Telephone Work           _______________________

                    ________________________________      Telephone Cell             _______________________

                    ________________________________      Drivers License #          _______________________

EMail           ________________________________      DL Verified?        ____  DL Copy Attached?     _____

Reference (of Adopter—someone who can vouch for you personally)                                       (At least one phone number)

Name           ________________________________      Telephone Home          _______________________

Address        ________________________________      Telephone Work           _______________________

(at least City)   ________________________________      Telephone Cell             _______________________

                                                                                 Email (opt)                    _______________________

Description of Guinea Pig/s (to be completed by Cavy Spirit)

Name 1             _______________________  Breed 1             ____________________________                     Sex 1                         __________________

Name 2             _______________________  Breed 2             ____________________________                     Sex 2                         __________________

Hair Type 1       _______________________  Condition 1        ____________________________                                       Neutered/Spayed 1?                     ________

Hair Type 2       _______________________  Condition 2        ____________________________                                       Neutered/Spayed 2?                     ________

Color 1              _______________________  Comments 1      ____________________________                     Age 1                         __________________

Color 2              _______________________  Comments 2      ____________________________                     Age 2                         __________________

This Guinea Pig Adoption Contract (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) is entered into by and between the above listed Adopter (hereinafter referred to as “Adopter”) and the above listed Adoption Agency, Cavy Spirit or individual, Teresa Murphy (hereinafter referred to as “Agency”) concerning the adoption of the above described Guinea Pig (hereinafter referred to as “animal”).


For good and valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Adopter and Agency agree as follows:  Adopter, as a continuing condition of the Contract and obligation resulting from the adoption of the above described animal from Agency, agrees that Adopter:

(1)     Will care for the animal in the most humane manner;

(2)     Will keep the animal as a household pet in Adopter’s own home;

(3)     Will provide adequate food, water, shelter, supplies, care, affection and attention for the animal;

(4)     Will promptly obtain veterinary care if the animal has an ailment, injury or illness that Adopter is not able to care for properly;

(5)     Will not allow the animal to breed, be used for testing or laboratory purposes, or be used for vivisection nor in any inhumane way;

(6)     Will not abandon, sell, give away, dispose of, turn over to or relinquish custody or possession of the animal except to return the animal to Agency;

(7)     Will provide proof of death, upon the animal’s death, if such is requested by Agency.

Adopter further agrees that if, for any reason, Adopter does not wish to keep the animal or if Adopter cannot abide by all of the terms of this Contract, that Adopter will promptly return the animal to Agency and will seek no funds from Agency as reimbursement, or otherwise.


In order to ensure that the animal is receiving adequate care, Agency shall have the right to inspect the animal’s new home once a week for the first month after adoption and quarterly thereafter during the first year after adoption. In addition, the Agency shall have the right to deliver the animal to the Adopter’s home for the initial placement.


Adopter understands and agrees that this adoption is conditioned upon Adopter’s full compliance with all of the terms and provisions of this Contract and that should Adopter violate any provision of the said Contract, that upon reasonable notice from Agency to Adopter of the said violation, that Adopter will return the animal to Agency.


Adopter further understands that should Agency obtain custody of the animal because of a violation by Adopter of this Contract, that Agency shall be entitled to reimbursement of all of its costs necessary to obtain custody, including reasonable attorney fees, if any.


Adopter declares that Adopter is aware:


(1)     That animals are different from human beings in their response to human actions;

(2)     That the actions of animals are often unpredictable;

(3)     That Agency makes no claims or representations as to the animal or as to the behavior or temperament of the animal put up for adoption.

Adopter accepts possession and responsibility of and for the animal, in consideration hereof, and at Adopter’s own risk, and hereby covenants and agrees not to sue or assert any claim, demand or action against or with respect to Agency for Adopter and others directly or indirectly regarding or arising from the animal and Adopter hereby holds harmless and agrees to indemnify and defend Agency from any rights and claims against Agency which Adopter or others now or in the future have or may have for any damages or injuries to person or property caused by or with respect to said animal and for Adopter and others, releases and waives any such rights and claims. Adopter understands and agrees that adopter has the right to do this and that this is furnished in favor of Agency, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees and agents respectively.


Agency, as a continuing condition of the Contract and obligation resulting from the adoption of the above described animal from Agency, agrees that Agency:


(1)     Will accept the animal back, and keep and care for the animal for the rest of the animal’s life, or adopt the animal to another adopter with the same terms as this adoption, should the animal be returned for any reason;

(2)     Will remain available to the Adopter for ongoing advice as needed regarding the animal;

(3)     Will charge $_________ (one-time fee) for the adoption of the animal(s) by Adopter.

The information provided to the Adopter concerning the animal’s description, history and condition is complete and correct to the best of Agency’s knowledge and belief. Agency recommends that a licensed Veterinarian examine the animal within 72 hours of adoption.


The undersigned attest that the information provided herein and on Adopter’s Guinea Pig Adoption Application are true and correct to the best of their information and belief.


The parties agree that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Guidelines for Responsible Pet Adoption (where so far as they are applicable) shall apply to this adoption. Most recent policies can be found at on the Internet.


This the _______ day of _________________, 20___.


The Adopter:

BY: ________________________________________


The Agency:

BY: ________________________________________