Cavy Spirit Fun Poll
I am back at Cavy Spirit because
I didn't finish reading it the first time.     2%  4
I use it as a reference for some info.     9%  20
I love to look at the cute piggies!     10%  21
I like to see what's new.     5%  12
I just like surfing this site.     4%  8
All of the above!     68%  149
None of the above.     2%  5
Total: 219

this is the best cavy rescue site out there! it has lots of info, pics and a bunch of great stuff!:) - carolinaKV's
You have one of the best guinea pig sites out there! :) - Tiffany
I surf all the cavy sites:) - Pigger Fanatic
This website is just packed with useful and fun information..I love it! - Dena
love your questions in this polls! - Angelicum Oda
looking forward to adopting a piggie or 2, getting the cage parts on Monday - priscillagray
... enjoyed - anonymous
This site rocks! Keep adding more stuff, and keep up the great work! - Reina
Wonderful in fo on Piggies. It's been an awesome help. I'll be back - Piggie Slave - anonymous
Great site! I like the new format.  - Lisa
I don't know how you have time to do all that you do. It's quite amazing! Keep up the good work. - Holly
You do a good job for building the website. - Mandy Chen
this website is just so cool i have to keep coming back  - Alan Pai
You are the only people I go by when my guinea pig has a problem. Thanks. Your works are appreciated - Stephanie
All the piggies are sooooo cute! :) - anonymous
Ooops, didn't scroll down. My first time here, I was surfing for guinea sites.  - Michelle
Cavy Spirit is great place to visit online and lots of fun in person! - Jill Hilwie
Still haven't seen it all!!! AND... you keep adding more! - Kara
these piggies are so cute,,,their little faces are priceless,,,i just love to look at them - robert
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