Cavy Spirit Fun Poll
I'm visiting Cavy Spirit for the first time because
I am looking to adopt a guinea pig     12%  37
I need to rehome my guinea pig     3%  9
I need info: sexing, care, cages...     20%  59
I was referred here     7%  22
I was surfing guinea pig sites     51%  151
I was looking for something else, bye!     7%  21
Total: 299

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all of our guinea pigs so far have been bought. this website is helpful and I plan to adopt instead. - Rachel
Fantastic site! - Margaret Tranter
I love this website! there is so much info. about cavys!Thanks!~Anita & her cavys Hershey&Peanut - Anita
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I haven't had a pig for about 15 years and forgot how much I loved it! - Michelle
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Great g-pig info, but the sight is gayer than 2 dudes humping. - anonymous
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jl'l - hahahahahaha
just got our first guinea pig 24 hours ago! - amyaksu
I think this is such a cute site i love it. I wasched the thetre with my gunnie pig and heWas purrin - ALI
Need to make it ILLEGAL for ALL PET STORES to sale any animal. Animal Shelters have pets for all. - Carol
referred by popular pet magazine- this site is awesome - Jackie Brunk
I adopted a 10 month old Guinea Pig last week!  - Cathleen
I luv this website! - devon
I love your guinea pigs! - Beth
Great Site. The most informative site i have come across yet. No need to look any more. - Don Coulson
Just because i buy stuff from a pet store with pets that doesnt not make a crimal in anyway - Mike k
Lots of great info, which helped me alot in caring for my pigs. - Lisa
This is a very inspiring website. I can only recommend that you keep up the excellent work. Thanks - Jo-Anne Farley
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