Cavy Spirit Fun Poll
I'm visiting Cavy Spirit for the first time because
I am looking to adopt a guinea pig     12%  36
I need to rehome my guinea pig     3%  9
I need info: sexing, care, cages...     20%  59
I was referred here     7%  22
I was surfing guinea pig sites     51%  151
I was looking for something else, bye!     7%  21
Total: 298

I found a listing of several guinea pigs in a shelter in Mississippi and was looking for a closer re - Kathy McBride
great site! - anonymous
What you are doing is wonderful. Keep up the good work, the piggies appreciate it! (SO DO I) - Courtney Portell
Saw ad in SF Chron classified - Anne Farrell
Cavy Spirit is a really cool site! I have 2 guinea pigs! - anonymous
I own and foster rabbits. Need to learn about guinea pigs - they also need foster care. - Pat
I like to look at al the cute piggies! :o) - anonymous
Story of how I got here: beanmakers- cavycages -here. Oh well. I really love this page for the info. - Owen
I like the idea of the cursor and picture! neat! - Ky
referred by a sit in the UK. Have 2 week old babies needing to be sexed. Great to find useful site, - Patsy
I Just love your cutie piggie photos. - Julie
It is wonderful that you devote so much time to rescuing these peaceful, lovely pets! Thanks! - Lauren
Very Adorable piggies...wish I live closer, I'd give one a home! - Cats
looking for a competent guinea pig vet for future - Susan
I need to find my piggie a friend. - Tina Florke
I am looking for a cavy buddy for my two aging rabbits. - Anne
We need to adopt out two male guinea pigs. I live in Fremont, CA. Suggestion welcome.  - Denise
Wonderful site! - anonymous
I saw your ad in the sj mercury and wanted to check you out. good job! - joli
If you ever need foster parents for your piggies, I may be able to help you. I live in Pleasanton - Brycen
Cute guinea Pugs.Hope they find a home soon. best of luck to you! - Yuliana
Found the sexing page on an internet search--excellent! - anonymous
This isn't the first time here, I check to see if you have anything new. Love this site!:)  - Michelle
we really need to find some new homes for these little piggies,,,, - robert
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