Cavy Spirit Fun Poll
I'm visiting Cavy Spirit for the first time because
I am looking to adopt a guinea pig     12%  37
I need to rehome my guinea pig     3%  9
I need info: sexing, care, cages...     20%  59
I was referred here     7%  22
I was surfing guinea pig sites     51%  151
I was looking for something else, bye!     7%  21
Total: 299

The best info I'be found yet! Love your site. - Eve
Great Site. Do you know of any rescue locations in NC ? - Tonja McClanahan
I was looking for fun polls... - me
Fantastic and informative site. Thanks! - Chantelle
Wonderful!Sexing page helpful.It's so sad people irrisponsibly breed their pigs and stuff shelters. - anonymous
I love all of the adoptable piggies! - KVlover
I love your website! - Sandra
hey yah this site is really great except i got a guinea pig at a store and shes just greati love her - noyb
I rescue &rehome piggies in Mo. Keep my email if needed to refer for help at all. great info here! - cindy
i luv this website!!!i absolutly luv the pictures of the piggies - Emma
I love guinea pigs.I have two and they are soo cute.Cavyspirit is the cutest site ever. - Monika Ferreira
I love Guinea Pigs! We have four in a large homemade cube cage. We have had them for almost 2 years. - Jenna
Cute site. I am a cavy freak! - Dina
uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh ...... hi! - ciarra
Guinea pigs are so cute I'm so glad theres some people that care and love these precious animals :) - Kailee and gp stuart
Very cute little pigs. I want 20 cavies that how much I lvoe those little cute things. cool site!!!! - Darcy
It's a wonderful site. I am looking for a Guinea pig society in San Diego will this much knowledge. - anonymous
Im really interested in rescuing a Guinea Pig. Im just looking for a suitible place set up the cage! - Tiffany
eXCELLENT Site. Bless you. It is good to know there are others out there that love all animals - jeff knotts
I love Princess and Lily they are my babies and I love them soooooooooo much!!! - Pigger Fanatic
Great Sites, Teresa~! - Christopher
Wow! Excellent website about guinea pigs and how to treat them respectfully! Luka - Luka
hi teresa very cute poll we have here! -angelicum oda - anonymous
My little nephew calls them Kitty-pigs... Well, Kitty-pigs RULE!!! - jen
Wonderful site, Teresa! Thank you for providing so much information. This is truley a work of heart! - Tiffany
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